Butterfly Dreaming
Art Journaling, Magical Portraits, & Dreams
I invite you to tap into your dreams -- both daydreams and nightly dreams -- and play with the concept of transformation expressed by the lovely butterfly.
Meanwhile, create inspiring works of art!

What You Will Learn

  • Mixed media techniques using watercolor, pastel, acrylics, and collage.
  • Layering techniques that create depth and luminosity.
  • How to use an art journal to play with metaphors and spin a positive vision (or dream) for your future.
  • How to sprout your creative wings and create a magical butterfly portrait.
  • How to turn your dream messages into a works of art.
  • Create your own magical butterfly garden.


Get Three Mixed-Media Lessons
Includes 22 videos with approx. 4 hours of video content!

The Chrysalis

We begin with an art journal, where we explore the chrysalis as a vehicle for incubating our own caterpillar dreams.

Butterfly Portrait

In this lesson we will create a beautiful butterfly portrait to celebrate the fruition of the caterpillar's dreams. If you were a butterfly, what kind would you be? An orange Monarch? An Adonis Blue? A Camberwell Beauty? 

Following Our Dreams

Just as a caterpillar awakes from the chrysalis with a new pair of eyes, I feel dreams take patience to realize. Creating art from a dream is a wonderful way to start connecting with them.    

Who Is This Class For?

This class is designed for people who love art, dreams, and learning new skills. It is not as easy as a Paint-by-Number or Paint-n-Sip class, but never fear, I do provide options for people at all skill levels. With a little mindfulness, it is very doable.

My goal is to be inclusive and have fun,
but also to encourage creativity, originality, and growth.

If this sounds like you, I hope you will join me!

Creatively Yours, Eris
Learn more about me at www.erisklein.com

Course Table of Contents

Art Supplies
Before You Begin ...

Project 1: The Chrysalis 
Introduction to the Art Journal
Part 1: Create Aged Paper
Part 2: Enter the Chrysalis
Part 3: Spin a Dream
Part 4: Trace Your Ideas
Part 5: Add Pastels
Part 6: Collage & Seal
Part 7: Paint Details

Project 2: Butterfly Portrait
Part 1: Collage Your Ideas
Part 2: Trace & Transfer

Part 3: Mount & Mask
Part 4: Watercolor Background
Part 5: Skin Base
Part 6: Paint Wings
Part 7: Details & Shadows
Part 8: Add Mixed Media
Part 9: Final Details

Project 3: Following Our Dreams
Intro & a Lucid Dream
Part 1: Tapping into the Feeling
Part 2: Dream Writing
Part 3: Create a Magical Garden
Part 4: Colorful Ribbons
Part 5: Butterfly Collage
Part 6: Delight in the Details

Thank You

That's 22 videos with aprox. 4 hours of lesson content!

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world,   the master calls a butterfly.”   
— Richard Bach

What Students Are Saying

"This lesson gave me the ability to express the profound changes I have been through. Eris is such a kind, gentle teacher, and her art is so inspirational to me. I loved the course! Five stars and five hearts!" ~ Ruby S.