Adobe for Fine Artists
Pencil Portraits & Photoshop

Create your very own magical portrait by mixing traditional and digital media.  

This course is for artists, illustrators, and crafters who are interested in combining traditional drawing materials with the magic of Photoshop -- opening up infinite possibilities for creativity!

No Photoshop experience necessary.
Just a passion for faces, some basic drawing skills, and a desire to learn new tools for your own expression.

What You Will Learn

  • A Few Traditional Drawing Skills:
    • Facial proportions (front view)
    • Shading a face (demonstration)
    • How to play with alternative black and white media

  • Adobe Photoshop Skills:
    • Creating a document
    • Resizing images
    • Correcting images
    • Cutting and cropping images with the Selection tools
    • Composing a layout using Layers
    • Creating transparency and cool blending effects 
    • Turning your grey pencil drawings into a color!
    • Further coloring with paintbrushes
    • Create a tinted (vintage) photo look or paint the face in with full color!


Get 19 Lessons!
Includes 22 videos with over 6 hours of professional video content!
Think of this as a weekend course for an amazingly great price!


In Unit One, you draw a realistic face and objects that create a theme. During this time, I give a brief tutorial on the proportions of the face and demonstrate shading and creating dimension. Then we explore a variety of alternative drawing media and create textures and patterns.

Here's a sampling of some of the lessons. 
First, you find a face you like, learn about facial proportions and then draw it. 

Second, create a theme for your face and choose interesting elements to draw that express it.

Third,  explore a variety of black and white media and create patterns and textures. 

In Unit Two, we place everything into the computer so we can collage, compose, colorize, and explore the endless possibilities for creating a magical portrait. 

Here's a sampling of some of the lessons. 
In Lesson 7, learn to clean up and correct a drawing.
In Lesson 9, learn to add handmade textures to your realistic drawing and try out endless combinations.

In the Bonus Lesson, learn how to tint the face like an old photograph.

And this is just a few of the lessons!!

“Think bigger. Forget limits. 
Embrace the idea of endless possibility.... 
It will change you. 
 Marianne Williamson

Who Is This Class For?

This class is designed for people who love drawing faces and are interested in exploring what happens when you combine it with Photoshop.


  • Some basic drawing experience is recommended as we will draw a lot.
  • No Photoshop experience necessary, but please know how to operate a mouse and get into files. I will introduce you to Photoshop at a beginner level, but a basic familiarity with moving around in the computer will be assumed. 
  • Photoshop Software.
  • A scanner or a camera with high resolution.
  • Feel free to find your own photos to draw from or use mine.

My goal is to be inclusive and have fun, 
but also to encourage creativity, originality, and growth.

If this sounds like you, I hope you will join me!

Creatively Yours, Eris

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Course Table of Contents

Art Supplies
How to Access the Lessons

UNIT 1: Traditional Drawing
Part 1: Facial Proportions
Part 2: Transfer Your Sketch
Part 3: Shading the Face
Part 4: Draw Elements & Themes
Part 5: Explore Black & White Media
Part 6: Dry Media Patterns & Textures
Part 7: Wet Media Patterns & Textures

UNIT 2: Photoshop
Before You Begin
Part 1: Prepare the First Document
Part 2: Make Image Adjustments

Part 3: Working with Layers
Part 4: Working with Selections
Part 5: Saving Fine Hairs
Part 6: Collage & Composition
Part 7: Correcting a Drawing
Part 8: Colorize Your Drawing
Part 9: Add Texture
Part 10: Final Details
Part 11: Saving & Printing

BONUS: Colorize the Face
Part 1: Tinting the Face.
Make it look like a vintage photograph or go all the way and paint it full color!

Thank You