Garden Portrait
~ a magical mixed-media portrait class ~
Only $40
Watch and learn how to work with chalk pastels, collage, and acrylics from a professional artist and illustrator.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Layer with mixed-media using chalk pastels, acrylics, and collage.
  • Create a soft dreamy landscape using pastels.
  • Soften a background and add a vintage vignette effect.
  • Collage (Downloadable collage materials will be provided, as well as links to find your own images).
  • Paint with acrylics
  • Mix Basic Skin tones (Downloadable skin-tone mixing guide provided).
  • Embellish a landscape with whimsical plants and flowers.


Get 10 Video Demonstrations!


Course Table of Contents

Art Supplies
How to Use the Site

PROJECT: Create a Garden Portrait 

Part 1: Create a Soft Dreamy Background with Pastels
Part 2: Draw Trees with Pastels
Part 3: Soften Colors & Create a Vignette-effect
Part 4: Coat & Collage a Face of Your Choice
Part 5: Prepare the Headdress
Part 6: Paint Leaves & Branches with Acrylic Paint
Part 7: Gather and Prepare Images
Part 8: Paint Flowers with Acrylic
Part 9: Paint the Face (3 options for beginner to advanced)
Part 10: Embellish the Landscape with whimsical plants

Thank You

Download the Art Supply List

Get Ready to Blossom

Connect with the magic in nature and your creative self!


“I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.”   
— Claude Monet


Who Is This Class For?

This class is designed for people who love magical portraits, nature, and learning new skills. It is not as easy as a Paint-by-Number or Paint-n-Sip class, but never fear, I do provide options for people at all skill levels. With a little mindfulness, it is very doable.

My goal is to be inclusive and have fun,
but also to encourage creativity, originality, and growth.

If this sounds like you, I hope you will join me!

Creatively Yours, Eris
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